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Do you have coins that you want to sell?

With Historynumis, you benefit from a complete consignment solution, where we take care of everything:

  • Maximize the visibility of your currencies thanks to our wide network of sales channels
  • Get an accurate estimate and optimal pricing for your parts
  • Take advantage of professional photography and a neat online display of your products

Our goal is to offer you a premium and personalized service that perfectly meets your expectations.


We attach great importance to the maximum visibility of your currencies. That's why we offer you extensive streaming across multiple channels, including:

In addition, we will create and publish various captivating articles on our social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, with direct action links to facilitate purchases. We make every effort to maximize your sales opportunities.

Additional services


We understand that when it comes to online sales, first impressions matter a lot. This is why our offer includes a professional photo session, carried out with top-of-the-range equipment, to highlight every detail of your coins. We also take care of the necessary editing to guarantee an impeccable presentation when put online.


At Historynumis, we know that the description of a product is essential to attract the attention of buyers and facilitate their research. That's why we offer you a careful and detailed write-up of each piece, highlighting its specific characteristics, history and condition. With accurate descriptions, your coins will stand out and pique the interest of potential collectors.


We understand the importance of giving your coins optimal visibility in order to attract as many collectors as possible. For this, we offer a deposit for a minimum of 4 months. This allows your piece to benefit from prolonged exposure on our sales channels, increasing its chances of finding a keen buyer.

Proximity to our customers

At Historynumis, we value the relationship with our customers. We understand your curiosity and your desire to follow the evolution of your sales. This is why we keep you regularly informed of the progress and the interest aroused by your coins. Halfway through the filing, i.e. after 2 months, we will provide you with a detailed report, giving you a clear view of how your coins are performing in the market.

Payment after sale

When your coin is sold, we respect a legal withdrawal period of 14 days, from the receipt of the order by the customer. Once this period has elapsed, we will process the payment offering you a secure and fast transaction.

Lump sums

At Historynumis, we believe in total transparency. That's why we clearly define the flat rates and the commission percentage right from the start. Once these amounts are established, you can be assured that each piece will be released with the agreed terms. Our commitment to you is firm: the agreed lump sum will remain constant and will not be reduced.

And that's not all ! In addition to our comprehensive service offering, we also guarantee you fair compensation. If your coin sells for more than the set commission, we will return 50% of that difference to you, rewarding your trust and contribution to our shared success.